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Your roof has been damaged by hail, wind, rain, snow, or even a bad installation. A1 Roofing Systems is THE residential Calgary roofing contractor specialist. With our top-quality workmanship, you will get high installation standards backed by our 10-year customer satisfaction warranty. Your property will be treated like it was our own to ensure your new roof protects the investment in your home. We understand the importance of choosing the right roofing contractor. We will perform a thorough evaluation and explain the condition of your roof. Together, we will find the best options to suit your vision and budget as well as the aesthetic improvement you are looking for.

Roofing structure

A quality job is possible only if we are dealing with a good roof deck and structure. Too many roofing companies will cover up those imperfections. You have got to wonder when you see a quote from a roofing company that is lower in price. Your roof could have sustain damages from different sources such as:

  • Moisture water or even from the tar coming from the shingles itself.
  • Most of these problems can be identified during the initial inspection.
  • Some will only be discovered after tearing off the existing shingles.


Performing annual inspections on an annual basis is the best way to protect your roof investment; especially for an older roof it will avoid potential issues.
You never know what happened to your roofing system during high windstorm, hail storm, antenna or power lines installation. Your roof, metal flashing dynamic might have been alter as well from the climate changes.

A moisture excess or water leak sometimes goes unnoticed for years…