Roofing Contractor – FAQs

The work is done by our company. Like I told you on Saturday, we don’t believe sub-contractors are accountable for their work. As a matter of fact, every person that you have seen so far is part of the ownership. Marc-Andre is the one who was on your roof performing your estimate and if we are doing your project, you will see him installing shingles himself and making sure every steps of the installation is 100%. He is a minority shareholder of A1 Roofing Systems.

Our workmanship is warranty for 10 years by A1 Roofing Systems and if you go with a Owens Corning product, 10 years warranty of our workmanship by Owens Corning.

The materiel will be delivered prior to the start date. The work will start only when materiel and the trailer for the waste are on site.

The removal and disposal of the existing cedar shake as well as the site clean up are included in the quote. It’s part of the SQ footage price.

That is actually one of the multiple examples why sub-contractors are not suitable for our business. They are tearing a lot of the existing roof in the morning even if it’s cloudy because they need to finish the job as soon as possible to earn better money. We don’t do this. One of our company rule is that installers don’t strip more than they can close the same day. If it’s cloudy, they will tear only small areas and close these before stripping another spot. We will never leave your roof open for an extended period of time, even if we are only using titanium paper designed to sustain itself on any weather. We are also carrying WCB and a 2 millions insurance against damage for every project.

Of course. You can check Woodmor products at 9820 19th Street SW, take the time to go take a look at this one from the back alley. The Woodmor product really stands out there.

You can check the Euroshield product at 111 Edeilweiss Place NW. It’s a beautiful installation of EuroLite Slate. You can also check the EuroLite Shake at 212 Pump Hill View. We did this one for one of our competitor who was requesting our expertise.

We also did a EuroShake job at the 800 Railway Ave, Canmore ,AB. It’s the Government of Alberta Courts. We are really proud of this one.

You can pay with a personal cheque without a problem. Only credit card payment would not be possible because we have to pay a 2.5% fees on the credit card transactions.