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A cedar and shake roof conversion involves removing all existing cedar shakes on your roof and substituting it with a roofing material like an thick asphalt shingles, a rubber roof or re-installing shake. A1 Roofing Systems Inc. is an experienced cedar and shake conversion expert, performing a great amount of these roofing projects every year. The accelerated deterioration of pine shake roofs left many homeowners with no choice but to replace their pine shakes with cedar shakes over the past few years. A lot of them have chosen to replace their roofs with asphalt shingle roofs or rubber roofs.

Shake roof conversion can be executed at a considerably lower cost than replacement with cedar shakes, but it is more complicated than a simple replacement of wood shake for wood shake or asphalt shingle for asphalt shingle. It is important that this conversion from pine or cedar shake roofing to asphalt shingle roofing be done by a roofing contractor well experienced in pine shake conversions.

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There are several aspects of a Shake Conversion that needs to be addressed. Tearing up cedar or pine shake shingles produces a lot more debris than an asphalt roof. Pieces of wood, staples, strips of felt underlayment have to be picked up as you go. We are taking numerous precautions to protect your yard and property. Use of tarps and magnets is mandatory. Making rolls with the old shake product is also the best way to minimize any material falling down the roof. Shake Conversion also required an expertise regarding the flashing adjustments. The thickness of the shake shingle create a gap on the walls and skylights, they need to be deal with accordingly. The use of new steps and wall flashings is often recommended. A1 Roofing Systems experienced installers are definitely the right choice for your Shake Conversion! We have been performing these conversions for numerous years, doing thousands of shake renovations. We have the products expertise, the workmanship and experience to get every problem that we encounter solved. Contact us for any issues regarding your shake roof system!