Roofing Underlayment

A roofing underlayment is principally used to separate the roofing shingles covering your roof from the roof deck (plywood), shed water and provide secondary weather protection for the roof area of your roof. Every good Roofing Contractor should be using an underlayment on the installation of your new roof. Like anything else, there is different quality. Ask our roofing expert, he will be please to tell you more.

GAF – Deck-Armor™ – Roofing Underlayment

Professional Installers Love Deck-Armor™ Roof Deck Protection

The exceptional walkability of Deck-Armor™ Premium Breathable Roof Deck Protection keeps installers safer on the job!

Deck-Armor™ Premium Breathable Roof Deck Protection combines high tear resistance and nail pull-through with a special slip-resistant surface for exceptional walkability — even on steeper pitches!

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Owens Corning™ – Deck Defense™ High Performance

Your roof is a big investment. Help protect it right from the start against water damage in the attic, which can cause mold growth and rotting deck boards. Deck Defense™ High Performance Roof Underlayment features a durable, synthetic construction that works with your shingles to help shield your home from moisture infiltration.

  • Unique bottom surface coating reduces the chance for tears that cause leaks, as compared to other felt underlayment
  • Provides roof deck protection from UV exposure for up to 6 months*
  • Extra wide rolls cover approximately 5 times more than standard felt rolls
  • Preprinted nailing pattern and overlap lines help speed installation
  • 30-Year Limited Warranty**

*Special application required for extended exposure. See installation instructions.

**See actual warranty for complete details, limitations and requirements.


RhinoRoof U15 Synthetic Roofing Underlayment


For use under Metal, Shake & Shingle Roofing

Say goodbye to traditional asphalt saturated felt paper – Break free from felt™ with RhinoRoof® U15 synthetic roofing underlayment!

RhinoRoof U15 is a highly engineered, mechanically attached, coated woven synthetic roofing underlayment for sloped roofs. RhinoRoof’s durable and high strength design along with its fiber grip walking surface provides a considerable improvement over asphalt saturated felt. Its fiber grip textured walking surface can also be chalked just like felt.