Shake Restoration

When it comes to Calgary Roofing and Log Homes, the natural beauty of the shakes and logs are hard to beat. Only problem is, day by day, moss and airborne debris as well as the UV rays from the sun dramatically reduce their life expectancy. Constant water absorption and evaporation leaches out of the natural resins with the shake or logs. Dry rot, splitting and curling follows! Before long, your roof and logs turn into a grungy grey. A1’s restoration process can reverse these harmful effects by naturally conditioning and restoring the wooden surface.

“We are offering shake restoration services for the Calgary area. A1 Restoration exclusive eco friendly process will restore your beautiful shake roof as a new!”

Shake roof restoration before-after
Shake Roof Restoration after

Protecting the log ends from splitting and growing algae, HydraShake3 was created for markets where logs were being shipped overseas in a humid airtight cargo container. Once received, it was noted that the logs had grown some fungus and the logs were splitting. HydraShake3 stops this process dead in it”s tracks with 100%environmentally friendly products that preserve the wood for years to come by keeping the natural inside. At the same time, HydraShake3 was used on cedar roofs to satisfy homeowners by restoring their roof integrity and protecting against externally caused fire hazards.

Keeping your cedar roof is a huge asset when it comes to your home value.A cedar shake roof is supposed to last 50 years, even with the Alberta climate. We can make it last even longer with our restoration process. Don’t do an asphalt conversion before requesting a free consultation with our restoration experts. We’ll make you save money, worries and you won’t have to settle for less than your superb cedar shake roof. We performed huge projects for Park Canada, Hull Services and other federal and provincial organisms.

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